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The Manhunt for Saddam Hussein: A Story of Building Trust

Strap yourself in for this amazing debut episode of Season 2 of “The David Johnson Show” – The Veteran Talk Show.

This is the unclassified story of the manhunt for Saddam Hussein as told by lead interrogator Eric Maddox, a U.S. Army Veteran who spent 6 months serving in Baghdad interrogating members of Saddam Hussein’s inner circle.

In this episode, Eric shares the stories, challenges, and the process of how his team gathered all the key intel that led to Saddam Hussein’s eventual capture. He eventually shared his story about his experiences in Baghdad in his book “Mission: Blacklist #1”.

About guest Eric Maddox:

Eric Maddox joined the Army in 1994, spent three years as an infantry paratrooper (82nd Airborne Division), later joined the military’s Defense Language Institute, studying Chinese/Mandarin, and eventually got trained as an intelligence collection officer. In 2003, the Iraq war starts and Eric instead gets sent to a new mission in Baghdad.

Over the next year, Eric became an interrogator in Iraq, working with a Delta Force team on raids. There were already dozens of Iraqi prisoners. It was Eric’s job to make prisoners of war talk. He used his training and his techniques to help shape the future intelligence collection for the military and civilians around the world.

Since 9/11, Eric conducted over 2,700 interrogations while deployed eight times in support of the Global War On Terrorism, including multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, South America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. During this period, he conducted over 300 interrogations and collected the intelligence which directly led to the capture of Saddam Hussein in 2003, while assigned to the Joint Special Operations Task Force during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

It’s a tremendous story that underscores the foundation of Eric’s current life as an author, consultant, motivational speaker, and interrogator. Learn more at https://ericmaddox.com/.

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Style In Shade

There should be a best balance between being stylish and also escaping our origins. It looks incredibly womanly, as well as absolutely marvellous. Is your little lady growing into a large girl with the desire to be trendy like her attractive mommy? If youre prepared to do on the internet buying the little trailblazer, seek what fashion fads are regulationing in the women garments world. Sale on fashion offers you the justification to go shopping in bulk explaining to your loved ones that it is a smart investment. Being trendy and also classy is simply our very own dream, no person can force us to do it and also it’s our very own decision that just how much and also what kind of style we like according to area and need

Sweat-resistant garments or clothes that give off scent are a great advantage to people who wear tight clothing or who live in weathers that are warm. When it comes to summertime, style in this season requests for sober as well as pastel shades. Actually these days, clothing are stain-resistant and also water-proof

They are available in just about every shade and also product as well as they are perfect for days on the beach or weekend trips. Gothic garments fashion is generally based on dark tones. Throughout the Gothic garments era of the midlifes individuals like seafarers or those associated with churches and cathedrals wore this kind of apparel. And several are additionally extremely reasonably valued so you can get a few various pairs to match with a few various attires. The females individual likewise worn similarly as males and also they as well were barefooted

Is your little girl becoming a large girl with the need to be trendy like her attractive mommy? If youre all set to do on-line shopping for the little trendsetter, find what style trends are ruling in the women clothes world. Give your lady remarkable summertime closets which will certainly permit her run around almost everywhere in sunlight and feel very fashionable all at once. Whilst there are a variety of eco textiles as well as brand names with excellent environmental credentials currently readily available, it is customer behaviour that will certainly require to alter in order to lower the effect of style and also apparel on the setting. The apparel industry has its component of blame and also opinions vary regarding the effects connecting to the effect that human activities has on the setting. Jobs for fashion designers are expected to expand much more slowly than the standard for all professions with 2014, according to government economic experts

Have you take into consideration getting involved in the fashion business, however might think that you can not manage it? There are a lot of different duties and also settings that you can play in the style world. However, Stars are not the only people only can honestly reveal their fashion styles. As an example, in the 1980s, denims had actually monopolized youth culture not just in the U. Developer style devices are swiftly raising in appeal, though there are some individuals who have no concept precisely what they are

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