Active Pure Technology Promises To Clean Your Direct Environment From All Harmful Toxins

Vollara has been advancing their technology for providing the best quality air inside any facility for the last 11 years. “ They have brought the best air purification system to us today to help us fight COVID-19 and the new strains of this virus right in our homes and businesses to protect every living and breathing soul” states Marketing Manager Harlton Stone of Healthy Home Solutions. 

Joe Urso Active Pure Chairman/CEO states “ FDA Approval (for our devices) is important because the clearance gives assurances to people that you’re bringing Medical Grade Protection to everyday places like businesses, schools and homes.”

The Active Pure Technology is the technology behind the Vollara Air & Surface Pro that helps fight all air-borne pathogens in your home and any direct space you are in.  “The air that you breathe in any space right now should be free of all contaminants and harmful pathogens, you and your family, your employees and customers should be given a safe space to enter.” Explains Harlton Stone/Marketing Manager for Healthy Home Solutions. 

Many people around the world are still in fear and panic mode after experiencing the COVID-19 outbreaks and the closure of businesses and services starting in the spring of 2020. “Not much has changed after one year of dealing with the virus and the new variants that are emerging.” says Harlton. 

“We have embarked on a mission to bring this technology to businesses and homes to create a safe-zone for everyone in their direct environments.” concludes Mr. Stone. 

The company is not new in the Health Industry and has a number of products for the home and business with a focus on Clean Air, Clean Water, Nutrition and Natural/Non-Chemical solutions for your health and environment. 

The Company’s Mission, Empowering Health & Dreams has a strong corporate foundation and has an army of direct sales associates across America providing an opportunity for anyone that wants it. 

Founded in 2010, Vollara’s parent company Electrolux has a history in the industry dating back to 1924.

“We offer our products as complete Health Choices, Not Partial Ones; choices to purify and enrich the air you breathe, the surfaces you touch, the water you drink, Choices to charge your immune systems, to strengthen your body, to shape your physique for optimal resistance and success.” confirms Joe Urso as he expands on their corporate philosophy. 

“The big question on our minds today is; what are the solutions that industry will provide for us for our safety, and will air purifiers kill the COVID-19 Virus and the Variants emerging across the globe?” Ponders Harlton Stone. 

“We recently got our test results back from the University of Texas Medical Lab where we killed 99.9% of the SARS COV-2 Virus that was nebulized over 10 million particles per millilitre, we killed them in just 3 minutes. That kind of real protection basically attacks the virus at its source literally as it is coming out of your mouth and it creates an enormous safety net” claims Joe Urso. 

As many people around the world hope for a level of normal living in the months to come, the virus still continues to take its toll as the economy opens and closes in response to the viruses movements. “We have learned that it will only move based on our activity and still have to take the precautions and protocols that we have practiced for the last year.” says Marketing Manager Harlton Stone of Healthy Home Solutions. 

This level of technology provides the safety zones that we are all looking for from our invisible enemy. Provide the security for your family and those around you with this technology, put it in your homes, your offices and place of business. Bring safety back to Americans by providing the cleanest air possible that is clear of bacteria, dust, molds and COVID and get back to business.

Best Air Purifier Kills COVID

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