APLGO products contain components of herbs, plants, and fruit. They are full of energy and information of a positive nature. In other words, they affect all three components of the human body.

Acumullit SA is a next-generation power accumulation technology. It keeps the useful properties of all plant cell particles that provide the instructions for creating new cells and energy production.

No capsules, powders, bottles, ineffective gels and sprays. – Just tasty lozenge drops sourced from highly valued fruit and plants.

The botanical particles are active and 100% absorbable, so each drop is ready to support intracellular activities.


APL lozenge drops contain wholefood particles from the whole plants. They provide a variety of nutrients and phytonutrients from wholefood botanical ingredient that our cells can readily utilize and that help support optimal wellbeing.

Every product is made from a carefully selected composition of fruit, plants and herbs that work together to provide maximum benefit to the cells, Making aplgo products a huge breakthrough in the field of nutrition.

Our advanced technology works in a unique way that conserves essential nutrients and sustains the phytonutrients.

Our products offer a true benefit to your wellbeing. However, your core health  is dependent on integrating a healthy eating plan, regular physical activity and following the guidance of your healthcare professional.

The ACUMULLIT SA lozenge drops are ISO 22000 AND ISO 9001 certified to meet the strictest standards for good product manufacturing processes. 

Both, Kosher and Halal certified, these premium products are of the highest quality. They are backed by a certified Declaration of Conformity, confirming their viability for nutrient content of all bioactive compounds as stated.

Gluten Free, Non-GMO.  PRODUCT

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