ADA Act Compliance and Remediation: An understanding for Dentist Business Website Compliance

dental company could be vulnerable to
legal woes that could cost
thousands of dollars. Title III of the
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is being
understood to include websites as “places of public
accommodation”. This includes your business’s
website presence. It might not be your
purpose but if your website has inaccessible features to it you may be exposing your business to
fines and/or lawsuits.
People with disabilities can see
this is discriminatory against them and
other individuals with disabilities and based on
that view point your business’s
website might be in violation of
Title III of the Americans
With Disabilities(ADA)Act.

truth is in and dentist
businesses of all groups, even
those that have less than 15
employees are experiencing
legal issues in record numbers. For
dental offices specifically,
your web presence needs to be ADA compliant and operational. Website
accessibility states that your
websites content are
accessible with remediation to those with
disabilities. This means your website is easy to use and can also
give more business for
your office.

we look ahead and beyond it
will be important to have a review
process in place to help make your
website ADA usable and compliant. No dental business
owner wants to get that
confusing legal information in the
mail. Especially, since there are many solutions
available for your company’s website. ADA
website compliance legal services are currently
being filed against many companies to include dental companies. The
answer is to have a superior
business work with you to reduce that legal heartburn.

does my dental website need to be ada complaint

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