SEO & Rankbrain – Technology At a Crossroad

seo & Rankbrain – Technology in Transition

The Pandemic social networking stats show an enormous 10% upsurge from the start of 2020. Right now over half of the world is now active on social media.”

Even though digital media takes center stage with social distancing and lock-downs, it is also experiencing huge changes as modern technology changes everything.

Learn exactly how to make Digital Media help you with my simple to review publication Digital Media on Amazon.

Amazon’s Book “Digital Media” is 125 pages of wisdom. It lays down, in practical steps what is taking place in Digital Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and the shifting sands of technology. Written in a casual conversational style it is very easy and fun to read as it makes sense of today media.Discover just how to make Digital Media work for you with my very easy to review book Digital Media on

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