FUNNELEO WHAT IS IT ?? Funneleo is a FIRST-to-market cloud hosted platform that lets you capture emails of customers and potential buyers on Amazon, Etsy and Shopify – where previously this was difficult to do. Many of us live in a marketing bubble where digital products are all the rage. Nothing wrong with that, right? Digital products are awesome. But when you step outside the bubble, physical products are king. They rule the e-commerce world to the tune of $3.5 trillion. Think about it!! When the holidays roll around, people buy physical products. When someone has a birthday, people buy physical gifts. When something needs something in their everyday life, most of the time they’re buying physical items. Hell, look around the room you’re in right now and take note of all the money spent on physical products.

Just about everything they buy is a physical product! So why are most of us selling digital products instead? It’s simple. Because you can’t build a decent business if you can’t build your customer and prospect mailing lists. Let me explain. See, platforms like Shopify, Etsy and Amazon make it extremely easy for ANYONE to set up a store in any niche. But they make it almost impossible for you to get your customer and prospect email addresses. It’s almost criminal.

Everyone knows that the key to building a profitable business is the mailing list. So if you can’t build these assets, then you’re going to struggle to turn a profit. That’s why so many people set up these sorts of shops but later abandon them.  You can only pour so much money into advertising before you go broke. But all of that is now a thing of the past. Because starting today, you can build your storefront quickly and easily AND start collecting email addresses too! The answer is a software solution called Funneleo.

Funneleo’s Simple Three Step System To Big Profits In eCom:

  • Step #1: Login: Login and connect to your autoresponder. Funneleo syncs with all your favorite autoresponders, including GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp and more. Plus you can hook it up fast to any other autoresponders using API. Build your list using Funneleo or use your existing service – no need to switch!
  • Step #2: Activate: Choose whether to offer prospects a coupon or bonus product in exchange for their email address. Then just pick a template and customize it in a few clicks. Funneleo then creates a unique landing page link for you to promote – you don’t even need your own website to make this system work!
  • Step #3: Profit: Then sit back and let the system capture your leads, automatically deliver your coupon or other incentives, and skyrocket your sales. It’s the hands-free way to grow your store.

Finally, you can build all the mailing lists you want and make a killing with them. You can use this system to sell just about anything you want. Anything is game. Everything is profitable. And your wildest online storefront dreams are about to come true. All you have to do is get Funneleo NOW !   


Funneleo is a software platform that makes it easier than ever for you to build lists, deliver coupons, and close more sales on Shopify, Etsy and Amazon. There’s nothing like this software on the market. Nothing. It’s the first platform in the world to make it easy to capture leads and customer info through your ecommerce store. And it’s your ticket to skyrocketing your profits. Funneleo is a cloud-based app, which means there’s nothing to download and nothing to install. All you have to do is log into the platform, and you can start creating your first campaign instantly.

Easy To Use

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